Toddler’s Nap Mat

Toddler’s Nap Mat

While everyone’s situation is different, there are several things that parents of mat nap kids should know about when it comes to choosing a daycare or preschool nap mat. An important factor to consider is the age and weight of your child. Toddlers are not old enough to roll around in a rug or blanket. Using an age-appropriate mat is important.

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Another factor is if your child is going to be sitting on the floor, a portable lap pad, or an individualized nap mat may be best. A portable one can easily be folded up and stored under the bed for easy portability. Portable mats, which are washable, have removable covers or washable interiors, which allow parents to continue to clean the dirt and debris associated with their little ones, as needed.

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When shopping for a toddler’s cot and accompanying nap mat, look for a blanket that can be used over both, including the cushioning on top of the blanket. A large blanket may be a great idea, especially if your child will spend a lot of time in the cot. The size of the nap mat is not as important as a mattress that is comfortable for your child; a comfortable mattress and attached pillow can make all the difference.